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  1. Introduction
  2. Learning Spaces
  3. Computer Facilities
  4. Opening hours
  5. User Rules and Guidelines
  6. Feedback

1. Introduction

The Lounge is located at room MB238 of the Main Building. The facility is a common space in which students, teachers and others can come together to interact, and participate in various kinds of learning activities held there.

2. Learning Spaces

A variety of spaces are provided for individual and self-paced learning with wireless (WiFi) network connectivity in The Lounge.

Learning Spaces at The Lounge

3. Computer Facilities

There are some all-in-one desktop PCs equipped in the area to support students for their learning.

4. Opening Hours

For the opening hours of The Lounge, please click Here for details.

5. User Rules and Guidelines

The Lounge is a space for student-centered learning activities. It is not open to the public. The Security Guards may require individuals entering The Lounge to show their university cards for identification purpose. Inside The Lounge, users must exhibit respectable behavior, and must not jeopardize the rights of other users of the facility. While interactions and group discussions are encouraged, such activities should be carried out in a manner as not to cause undue disturbance to other users.

Please read the Rules and Guidelines for using The Lounge.

6. Feedback

Users of The Lounge are invited to provide feedback on the facilities and services provided in the facility.

Welcome your feedback by email to !