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[ 2018 Feb ] - Introducing a New Microphone Adaptor

A side view of the microphone adaptor

Learning Environment Services (LES) receives many comments and suggestions about the facilities provided in the central pool of classrooms and where possible, we try to respond proactively to these comments.

Wireless microphones located in classrooms and lecture theatres are a necessary tool, and many of these microphones are used for several hours every day by a large number of teaching staff and therefore the clips used to secure them to clothing need to be fairly robust to survive such handling.  However, these clips are not always comfortable to use, or may on occasion be broken when needed.

Prof. K.Y. Sze from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been looking at issues surrounding the use of “clip-on” microphones and as a result has developed an adaptor which is suitable for use with every type of clip-on microphone in use on campus.

This adaptor is comfortable, quick and easy to use, and ensures the microphone is located in the correct position for the user prior to the start of teaching as shown in the photographs.

Photos demonstrating how to wear the microphone adapter



If you would like to try this new adaptor, we have some in stock which we can offer to teachers for free in exchange for some evaluation and feedback.  If you would like to try this adaptor, please contact us for details.