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[ 2018 Apr ] - Students Learning Environment Experience Survey 2018


IT Services will be conducting an online Learning Environment Experience Survey on behalf of the University for a 3 week period, commencing on Wednesday 11th April and closing at 5pm on Friday 27th April 2018.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information about your experiences and perceptions of the spaces, both physical and virtual, that the University has provided to support you in your lectures, seminars and self-directed study in order to find out what you think is important.

Your opinions are valuable to us and this information will help us understand how we can provide better facilities to support your learning. A separate survey investigating the staff teaching space experience will be run separately.

The results of both will be used to inform the University Strategy for future development of Teaching and Learning Spaces over the coming planning period (2-3 years) to ensure that space provided for teaching and learning is fit for purpose and of good quality in order to enhance your learning experience.

The survey is anonymous, but you can leave your HKU email address at the bottom of the survey form if you want us to reply to you. You can access the survey form here: