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[ 2018 Jan ] - Blended Learning Laboratory - CPD 3.41, Centennial Campus


During the Christmas break in 2017, LES took the opportunity to completely refurbish room 3.41 at the Centennial Campus and create what we are calling the "Blended Learning Laboratory".



All of the existing furniture has been replaced with purpose-built desking which enables the room to be used either as a traditional classroom, or as a computer lab or even as a combination of the two. 


80 new PCs have been provided which are housed inside the desks, and which can be accessed easily by simply pulling a lever under the table top.


The desks are set in groups of 8 and 4 and the layout has been set to enable teachers to be able to move around the groups easily.


We have also remodeled the Audio Visual System and provided a new lectern.  There are 4 projection screens, 2 located on each of the side walls. Both side walls are now writing surfaces (the original glass writing surface has been retained and the other wall has been painted with "whiteboard paint" for additional flexibility and group working.) A new digital OHP (visualiser) has been provided and a touch screen control panel mounted on the lectern. The lectern PC has software which allows the teacher to manage the PCs, not only powering up, powering down and blanking the PCs as required, but it is possible to share the teacher's material across all 80 classroom machines. Further, the teacher is able to select a student's PC and share that content across the whole room.


In addition to the equipment and PCs, the lighting and ventilation systems have also been refurbished and the room has been carpeted.

More photos of the room and information of new facilities can be found here:-

We hope that you like the new facilities of this laboratory.  If you would like to visit the room prior to your teaching session, please let us know so we can arrange a suitable time.