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[ 2016 Oct ] - Digital Literacy Laboratory (DLL)


The Digital Literacy Laboratory located in the Chi Wah Learning Commons 2/F, Zone S is NOW IN SERVICE. 

The new facility provides space, equipment and technical support for students who are creating multi-media resources for their project work, etc.

  • DVD Production PC: PC for DVD production to capture digital video and analog video. [Click “HERE” for more details.]


  • Video Support Office (CPD-2.71): Technician-onsite for support inquiry and service


  • Editing - Production Room (CPD-2.72): Designated area for video-editing & production


  • Video Studio (CPD-2.73): Perfect environment for professional video-recording

CPD-2.73 1

CPD-2.73 2

  • Production Studio (CPD-2.75): Spacious area for large-scaled production activities


  • Workshop Training Room (CPD-2.77): Lively environment for generating creative ideas


  • Pre/Post Production Stations: High-performance iMac computer stations for creating ART design & motion graphics [Click “HERE” for computer specification.]

mac station