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Equipment Loan Services


Portable audio, video and data projection equipment is available for loan to all HKU staff and students for teaching, presentations or self-learning purposes. Please book the equipment thourgh Online Booking System (HKUFBS). For enquires, please visit the Service Counter, KK204 at K.K. Leung Building.

Loan Items list

  • Catchbox (throwable microphone)
  • Public Address (PA) System
  • Wired or Wireless Microphone
  • Mic. Stand
  • Laser Pointer
  • Tripod
  • DVD Player
  • Portable Screen
  • Video Camcorder
  • Multimedia LCD Projector
  • Visualizer

Hybrid Lecturing

TeLi and LES have selected some handy audio-visual equipment you will need in advance of your home recording, streaming and conferencing.  Portable USB peripherical are now available for borrowing in HKUFBS & LES’s shop front counter for facilitate online teaching and learning, livestreaming and staying in touch with colleagues, teachers and students via your conferencing software.

Below are the Loan items for enhancing your audio and video experiences on your conference calls and video recording.

  • USB Portable Monitor (Guidelines)
    • provide extra screen view during conference
  • USB Microphone
    • directly plug into computer, convenient solution to capture clear audio for conferencing, live streams and voice-overs
  • USB Web Cam
    • ideal for on-the-go professionals with a foldable and universal mounting clip for your laptop.  High definition video presents clear images for every participant to see
  • USB Premium Speakerphone
    • deliver premium sound in small package, with directional microphones that filter out unwanted noise, perfectly for conferencing
  • USB All in one set with PTZ Camera, Microphone and Speaker
    • all in one system for video collaboration, with pan-tilt-zoom camera and advance speakerphone, providing delicate, detailed images and vivid sound quality for meeting and conferencing
  • USB Lavalier Microphone
    • omni-directional lavalier wearable microphone, portable format for use in quality voice recording
  • LED Ring Light
    • provide supplementary lighting to the camera; serve as a camera stand
  • Tripod
    • good for holding the camera to provide best viewing angle
  • Wireless mic
    • ideal for classroom setting where you need to walk around


  • All audio-visual (AV) equipment borrowed must be used only on the University campus for academic purpose unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  • Booking of AV equipment by an individual student usually will not be accepted, unless such booking is made by Student bodies recognized by the HKUSU.  Applications should be submitted in writing.
    All loan equipment is subject to a deposit and a late return penalty.
  • All equipment borrowed must be collected and returned by the borrower.
  • All equipment borrowed must be used and handled with care, breakage may be chargeable.
  • All equipment must be returned to the Learning Environment Services (LES) on due date within office hours.

The LES counters and offices can be found at the following link:-
>>> Location & Office Hours