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Lecterns in Campuses

Teaching Lectern is the heart of a teaching venue for presenters to deliver messages to audiences and HKU classrooms are equipped with various types of lecterns to support different styles of teaching.

Explorer range of Audio-Visual Teaching Lectern


It is a multimedia lectern focused on small to medium presentation spaces.  With the innovative 16U rack design which secures mounted AV equipment, it is supplied with an adjustable monitor arm and concealed castors that gives users the flexibility to view the presentation materials in different angles while teaching in the class.

Customized Wooden Teaching Lectern

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This type of customized wooden teaching lectern makes a good first impression and starts your presentation off right by standing behind with a professional look.  It help speakers stay organized and have ample room for presenter notes.


Height-adjustable Multi-media Teaching Lectern

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Certainly not shy of space or style, this type of lectern is an all in one, hydraulic height-adjustable multimedia platform.   Complete with an enclosure for PC and/or AV equipment combined with a compact footprint, it is perfect for use in small to medium teaching spaces or seminar rooms. The stylish and robust standalone lectern comes with a choice of table-top white colours to suit architectural requirements and our educational environments. Designed with user and integrator in mind, the lectern has a hinged worktop with a drop in rack feature, which enables easy integration with different teaching equipment.