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Student Advisory Services Zone (SAS Zone)

The Student Advisory Services Zone is a conversation-friendly learning space that students are encouraged to use the area for group discussions and social activities.

The area is located at Zone R on the 2/F of the Chi Wah Learning Commons. [Click HERE for the map]

Within this zone, the Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES) provides support for both short-term (applications, university assignments) and long-term English goals (improvement in Speaking & Writing), as well as running a variety of workshops and discussions including ones for IELTS, Academic Writing and Current Affairs.


Rooms at SAS Zone

The services are ranged from mock interviews to exam help. Also, students with native or near-native speaking ability in English have volunteered to join the Advisory Zone as Peer Tutors to help their fellow students practice their spoken English, focusing on social English, i.e. using everyday English in an informal way to become familiar and comfortable with the language.



Resources at SAS Zone

The Advisory Zone also has thousands of resources to help students improve their English:

  • Books on pronunciation, grammar, academic writing & research, interviews & CV writing, Business English and tests (e.g IELTS, LPATE, TOEFL, GRE)


  • Quick-use computers with IELTS Listening tests


  • Magazines and Newspapers (e.g. South China Morning Post, The Times)


  • DVDs of films and TV series, most with English subtitles for learning new words and correct pronunciation


  • [ Counter Service]: Borrow DVDs to watch anywhere in the Learning Commons from the counter assistant from 10:00 to 16:00.


For details of CAES services, please visit