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Booking Arrangement of Study Space and Facility

In order to cope with the increasing demand of study space, Learning Environment Services is pleased to announce the new arrangements and policies which allow higher utilization and fairness of using the study space and facility inside Chi Wah Learning Commons.

Starting from the coming reading week (7th Mar 2016), all PCs and individual study carrels in the Chi Wah Learning Commons will become bookable.  Using the booking system currently in place for the 25 Study Rooms. Each booking will be for a 2- hour slot and students will be able to book a maximum of 2 slots per day. Please check our booking system in the new semester when you want to book a study carrel or study room:

LES booking system: booking system URL

To help users to identify the bookable study space and facility, below are the floor plans of 1st floor and 2nd floor of Chi Wah Learning Commons which show the bookable study room and study carrel.


1st floor plan of Chi Wah Learning Commons


2nd floor plan of Chi Wah Learning Commons

Book Area LOGO2Bookable Study Carrel

Book Area LOGOBookable Study Room

For our continuous service improvement, we will review the policies after a certain period of time.