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Other Legacy Equipment


DVD Production PC

You can use the PC for DVD production to capture digital video and analog video directly through the capture card – Matrox RT2000.  The PC is installed with the Adobe Premiere 6.5 video editing software. After you have finished editing your video, you can export the video file in MPEG-2 file format.    Then, you can import the MPEG-2 file into "DVDit!" for preparation of writing to a DVD-R, DVD-RW or CD-R disc.  After you have finished the placement of the graphics, the links, and the overall look as a "project", you can build a DVD or CD-R disc from the project. When you write a project to CD-R, you need to include a special software DVD player “cDVD”.  It lets people play your presentation on most CD-ROM-equipped PCs.


Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Scanner System

The OMR scanner system (Opscan3) is for marking multiple-choice examinations or processing a user survey. Answers to a multiple-choice examination or a survey would be marked on pre-printed answer sheets which are fed into the optical scanner for processing.  The OMR system reads the answers and records the data into a file in the PC attached to the scanner.  This data file can be further processed or analysed with the use of software programs to produce statistical reports.


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