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Equipment Loan Services

Portable audio, video and data projection equipments are available for loan to all HKU staff for teaching purposes. This service is on a first-come-first-served basis.  For enquires, please visit the Service Counter, KK204 at K.K. Leung Building.

Loan Items list

  • Catchbox (throwable microphone)
  • Public Address (PA) System
  • Digital Voice Pen
  • Wired or Wireless Microphone
  • Mike Stand
  • Laser Pointer
  • Tripod
  • DVD Player
  • Portable Screen
  • Video Camcorder
  • Multimedia LCD Projector
  • Visualizer

Guidelines and Rules

  • All items on the equipment loan form must be completed.
  • All audio-visual (AV) equipment borrowed must be used only on the University campus for academic purpose.
  • Booking of AV equipment by individual student usually will not be accepted, unless such booking is made by Student bodies recognized by the HKUSU. Application should be submitted in writing ; all loan equipment is subject to deposit and late return penalty.
  • All equipment borrowed must be collected and returned by the borrower.
  • All equipment borrowed must be used and handled with care.
  • All equipment must be returned to the Learning Environment Services (LES) on due date within office hour.
  • Repeated failure to return AV equipment on time will result in loss of borrowing facilities.
  • If any equipment is damaged, always return it with a brief report indicating the nature and, if possible, the cause of the damage. The borrower will be responsible for the repair cost or the replacement cost.
  • Repeated damage to the equipment by any borrower will result in loss of borrowing facilities.

In case you need to get assistance from LES, the counters and offices can be found at the following link:-
>>> Location & Office Hours