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Audio Visual Standards (AVS)


ITS has introduced a set of common Audio Visual Standards (AVS) to facilitate University central/departments in the acquisition and setting up of rooms with audio visual facilities.  AVS aims to provide an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to address the common needs of departments in managing the audio visual facilities.  AVS includes the following components:

  • Purchase of audio visual equipment and consumable items through term tenders
  • Remote support, management and monitoring of audio visual equipment
  • Learning Space Design Guidelines
  • Audio Visual Support at HKU Venue


Key Benefits

  • Efficiency gains and resource savings
  • Economies of scale through bulk purchase
  • Centralized monitoring and remote support of the standardized audio visual facilities
  • Standardized purchase and training to reduce technical support and learning curve at department level
  • Enhance user experience with standard equipment and settings in different venues


Centralized Purchase

ITS coordinates the tendering exercises for the purchase of audio visual equipment.  Department staff can visit HKU Portal for the tender lists (search for “tender” and click the link “Tender Prices”).  The current term tenders cover high-definition visualizer, wireless microphones, projectors and projector consumables.  Review will be done timely for updating and extending the coverage of models and types of audio visual equipment.


Remote Support and Management

Departments can enjoy remote support from ITS as long as their equipment and installation are in compliance with AVS.

The centralized support of audio visual equipment allows departments to monitor, manage and solve technology issues through the remote support feature of the centralized control system whenever necessary which can reduce the resolution time of the issues.

The centralized control system enforces environmental friendly policy which can turn off the audio visual equipment remotely whenever the room is empty and not in use for reducing energy consumption and lengthening the usage life of the audio visual equipment.

HKU Learning Space Design Guidelines and Standards

The HKU Learning Space Design Guidelines and Standards facilitates audio visual setup in rooms of different sizes and seating capacity.  The common standards covers acquisition, setup, commissioning and management of audio visual equipment and the requirements on coordinating with discipline consultants/contractors in remodeling of the audio visual facilities. 

Audio Visual Support at HKU Venue

Departmental users who require on-site support for audio visual events can fill in the application form, CF44.

Advisory Service

Departments who wish to get advice and guidance on the following types of projects can book a consultation session with ITS by sending an email to

Audio visual system design, procurement, tendering and installation

Real-time audio visual system maintenance supported by AMX Remote Support Suite (RMS)

Audio visual equipment operations and maintenance

Useful Resources and Training Materials

Colleagues are welcome to take use of the materials below to expand their knowledge.

Audio Visual Best Practices (infoComm)

Audio Visual Public Standards

Audio Visual Systems Performance Verification (AVIXA)

Projected Image System Contrast Ratio (AVIXA)

Standard Guide for Audiovisual Systems Design and Coordination Processes (AVIXA)

Video Test Patterns

Bars and Tone

Colorized Gray Scale

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Workshop Materials

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