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Classroom Remote Support Services

This service combined the usage of AV Asset Management, PC Desktop Central and IP Camera Monitoring System to provide instant remote support over the phone to users at teaching venues.   This dramatically improves response times and provides timely support service to classrooms.   

With the centralised active-monitor and setting-control on AV/IT equipment in classrooms, LES could receive alert message and ensure the equipment uptime for function.  This gave our technical team hints to minimize the warm up time spent on devices that users have to wait, as a result of that, the users can use our facilities in time to increase the productivity.

These AV/IT combined systems enhance our remote support service to most of the classrooms and lecture theaters and go green by shutting down equipment when rooms are empty or at the end of the workday. It definitely will save energy and maintain our classrooms to be more environmentally friendly with some good practices that we always strive for.