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Learning Spaces Toolkit “Meet the Stakeholders” game


Goal of the game:-

You start with a brief to create a new teaching hub (START) and will progress through steps within the design, implementation, assessment/use and iteration phases until you deliver the project.  Your team’s goal is to reach the FINISH first.

Instructions for play:- 

Roll the die and move your game piece to the appropriate box.

There are three types of boxes:

1) Challenge boxes – Read the challenge and, as a team come up with a solution that would overcome the challenge from the perspective of the stakeholder within that box.

2) Jump ahead boxes (The Ladders) – Congratulations! Something good has happened within the process of designing, implementing your new learning space.  Progress up the ladder to the next level immediately!

3) Go back boxes (The snakes) – Oh dear, something has gone wrong and you need to go back a number of squares and revise your plans.

When you reach the FINISH, shout “Done”.

At each challenge, record the stakeholder in question on the sheet and provide one possible solution to overcome the challenge.  Also note the most important lessons learned by going through this process.

And finally, have fun!

>>Click here to start the game<<